What is Track Payments?

What is Track Payments?

Earning a direct booking is a lot of work. From setting up your website to property photos and expensive marketing efforts, it comes at the end of a long chain of events, nearly all of which are under your direct control.

But then the time comes to process a payment and realize revenue. Suddenly, the one thing you’ve been working toward—a conversion on your highest-margin channel—gets handed off to a third party. It doesn’t make much sense.

Track Payments takes third parties out of the equation. It’s a payment solution fully integrated into Track PMS, and it’s coming in early 2024.

What makes Track Payments different?

  • Real-time dispute and chargeback management
    In Track Payments, chargebacks and refunds appear on your central dashboard as they occur, with helpful flags and color codes to alert you. Responding to chargebacks and disputes has never been easier.
  • Comply with trust accounting best practices
    Third-party payment systems aren’t designed to handle your unique trust accounting considerations, but Track Payments is. All the information your back office needs automatically passes through Track PMS.
  • Reduce your technology footprint
    No property manager wishes they had more contracts, more logins, more support contacts, and more workarounds. Track Payments removes unnecessary complexity and shortens your tech stack. You’ll receive the same great support you’ve come to expect from Track and don’t have to keep switching between platforms just to manage payments.
  • Ease of use
    The same look and feel you’ve become familiar with in Track is part of Track Payments. Easily navigate between transactions, reservations, and deposits. Payment-related data is completely integrated across Track modules.
  • Secure and transparent payment management
    Quickly see where your money is coming from, transaction history, and payment status. All transactions are lightning-fast and PCI Level 1 compliant. The platform supports authorizations, charges, refunds, voids, and deposits.
  • Competitive pricing with no hidden fees
    With Track Payments, you’ll experience transparent pricing, no surprise fees, and time savings that can really add up. CFOs, accountants, and bookkeepers alike will love having these features at their fingertips without needing to log into a third-party platform and deal with their particular interface and rules. Track Payments puts you back in charge (ahem) of your payment processing and helps untangle your money.

Ready to learn more? Visit our Track Payments page or request a demo today!