4 Reasons Your VRMC Needs To Be On Social Media

4 Reasons Your VRMC Needs To Be On Social Media

As of 2020, more than 3.8 billion people use social media worldwide and every 6.4 seconds a new user is added. The majority of Vacation Rental Managers are taking advantage of marketing across social media networks. Are you? As a vacation rental management company you have a lot to gain from being present online for your business. We are going to give you the 4 top reasons why you need to be on social media.

Connects With Your Guests 

If people don’t know about your properties, they can’t become a guest. Social media boosts your visibility among potential guests letting you reach a wide audience by using minimal amount of time and effort.  It’s free to create a business profile on all the major social networks, so you have nothing to lose.

Promotes The Experience

Here’s a fact: social media content gets attention. You have the ability to use your brand and promote your properties and company culture in many ways on social media. This also helps build trust from your potential guests. If they can picture what their stay will be like, they are more likely to book. Some examples as a VRMC are to promote the services you offer, highlight reviews, showcase your cleaning or reservation policies as a seamless experience. 

Communicates Authority

The hospitality industry lives and breathes by reputation. Before booking, guests do their research thoroughly. What do your social media channels look like? Are they optimized? Do they have professional photos? Do you have reviews? Being able to have a solid online presence shows that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable.

Social Media Drives Traffic To Your VRMC Website

You can use your social media channels to drive direct bookings to your website. How you may ask? By posting engaging content for your guests like polls, videos, and asking questions. Another way is using Facebook advertising. You can promote special packages or events and gain direct traffic to your website.

Social media is reshaping the way guests book travel in ways both big and small. We hope these 4 quick tips helped you learn the importance of building your online presence. If you want to learn more about TNS Digital Marketing Services, we would love to schedule a meeting to talk!