Guest Communications: Message Airbnb Clients Without Leaving Track

Easily communicate with Airbnb guests anytime from initial inquiry to 60 days post-stay

Guest Communications: Message Airbnb Clients Without Leaving Track

Airbnb has become a go-to platform for travelers seeking unique and comfortable accommodations worldwide. Until now, Airbnb used tokenized emails to enable communication between the property manager and the guest. These tokenized emails shielded the guest’s identity, and within Track, there were limitations on how communication could be established.

Now Airbnb is discontinuing tokenized emails in favor of an API integration with their secure portal. Not only is Track ready for this change, but it allowed us to build additional features around this new API integration while ensuring our customers don’t miss a beat.

Track Guest Communications includes an inbox that accepts messages from Airbnb guests using the secure portal without having to leave Track software.

The Airbnb Messaging Challenge

Airbnb’s messaging was tough for hosts and guests. Property managers couldn’t initiate communication, and keeping track of messages was hard. Inquiries were challenging to qualify because guest and reservation details weren’t readily available. Lastly, some documents must be sent to guests before arrival. Our solution needed to be more than a replacement for tokenized emails, and it needed to address all these touchpoints.

The Track Solution

Track Guest Communications with Airbnb Messaging is available now, well before Airbnb discontinues the support of tokenized emails on September 30, 2023. Everything stays in one thread, from when a guest inquires about a property until 60 days after leaving. Simple. Easy. No more confusion.

“It’s great to see that TNS has already established a solution to the Airbnb problem,” said Dennis Goedheid, founder and CEO of Casiola. “It’s already been activated in our Orlando account, and I can’t wait to really dig in and use it.”

Benefits of Using Track Guest Communications

Initiate Messages with Ease: Take the lead in communicating with potential guests who make inquiries. This helps the inquiry convert to a booking and ensures a proactive approach to guest interaction.

Keep Messages Organized: Track Guest Communications neatly organizes all email communications related to a reservation into a single coherent thread. Effortlessly follow the conversation flow and retrieve essential details whenever needed.

Quick Access to Booking Details: You’re one click away from all your booking info—dates, place details, rates, and fees. You can even make changes to the reservation based on your interaction with the guest.

Enhanced Security: Because messages begin in the Airbnb Secure Portal, all spam is addressed before the message comes to your inbox. Track is fully integrated with Airbnb API, guaranteeing users a secure and reliable experience.

The future is bright for Track Guest Communications as we continue to invest in more platforms and mobile access. Stay tuned for more enhancements in 2024.