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Increase Your Vacation Rental Profitability With Direct Bookings

Direct booking campaigns have been part of marketing strategies for the Vacation Rental Industry for quite some time. The “Book Direct” push for guests stems from reducing OTA commissions and also really focuses on the customer experience. Today in this Marketing Monday, we are going to go over one way you can adjust your website to gain more direct bookings, while increasing your profitability!

Compel website visitors to book direct with pop-ups or calls-to-action. As guests research places to stay, they’ll likely visit your vacation rental website to view photos and other amenities. You must grab their attention fast using CTAs or pop-ups to alert guests to cheaper rates on other competitor sites. Make sure they use eye catching imagery, bold text, and showcase urgency.

Educating travelers about cheaper direct bookings and influencing the way they search online for vacation rentals won’t be easy or quick, but it’s an opportunity to attract new guests and make them lifelong customers.

TNS has helped over 350 Vacation Rentals with their critical digital marketing needs. Our experts use proven data and strategies to keep you in front of your guests! Get your free marketing assessment today!

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